Friday, 27 January 2012

Uncle Sue Story Part 3

Good Evening!

This entry i wanna continue about my Uncle Sue. Last Monday Jan 23rd 2012, he warded at Kota Bharu Medical Center(KBMC) because of dengue. It's 6 days and when i visited him and i search about 'how to cure dengue' and i found it. It's said drink papaya juice and i said to all my uncles and aunts before they back to KL. When i called my bro and he said that uncle had drink it and just now i called, he already discharge. So amazing! and it's really2 cure the dengue. Before this his plalets down and now he already sihat! :)

Feb 3rd 2012 Friday he will marry with Mak Sue but night. But i can't make it so the next day la i go to Mak Sue house and sunday my house pulak. So i have to be his photographer full time job! I think uncle sue should give me some money :D

But now he at Kelantan with my bro. After he marry baru balik KL and continue his job but i don't know if Mak sue still stay at kelantan or not. Okay la thats all kut  i wanna story. After the wedding day i post eh. Aha...about the engagement day's photo i'll post later because want edit it :) Adios!


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