Monday, 2 January 2012

Uncle Sue Story part 1

Hai everyone..

Well my post this time about my Uncle Sue. His name Wan Hafizullah Bin Ab Wahab. He 28 i think :D but he leave with us. Start from he in high school, graduate and work until he decided wanna marry someone i don't know, mama and daddy don't know even the whole family don't know who is she is. He work at Gas Malaysia and he kind with us. Love children and got many girlfriends before this :D Hehe..  He also kind of heart with money :D When Raya he will gave us 'duit raya' a lot! Also love about gadgets but he live in ordinary even has more money. Know what work with Gas Malaysia has a lot of work, risk and risk. So every 3 month i think, he got bonus! Wow.. But the money he save or gave to mama or gave to his brother uncle mat to save the money for him. For wedding! And then he quit hang out with his friends and cam home late night sometimes he didn't come home for a week, few days. And i like to borrow his car :D and he don't mind it. 

Oh! i almost forget it, he the youngest in mama's siblings. Had 7 siblings, 2 sister 5 brothers. He also had 15 nieces and nephews. I'm the eldest. So what else eh i wanna tell.... heeemmmm let me think........ well.. i will continue in part 2 :) 

Stay tune.. 


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