Sunday, 8 April 2012



Lunch hari ni saya masak! Rajin tak Rajin tak :D saya masak tomyam and Ida, goreng ayam and telur. Ayam dia sangat seeeeedaaap but tak boleh amik dua :( satu sorang je ngam ngam.. And and housemates sedap je makan, siap tambah lagi.

Tomyam saya kaya dengan lauk. Macam2 Ada, ayam, fish cake, fish all, kobis, bunga kobis, carrot & so on! Yummy... And dinner Ida rebus bihun and eat with tomyam! But dinner makan sekali je :D

Well... That's all nk tengok ABPH pulak! :D

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Hye Hye Hye....

It's been long time didn't post anything at blog. Today I wanna share something that's it event at Ipoh #TwtupIpoh. It's open for all people who live all around Malaysia or even foreigner also can come! It's free! No tickets to buy, no place for booking! The event start at 10 am to 10 pm at PORT,Ipoh,Perak. For more info please visit!/TwtUpIpoh

To people who live in Ipoh, please join as at #TwtuIpoh! There's so many both, activities also we have band who play at #TwtuIpoh. We have We Are Couple, Bittersweet, Cat Farish & Group and many more!

Spread the news! We love u all can join it :D Brings all your family & friends!