Monday, 26 December 2011

Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Pyramid

Salam semua..

Hari ini mama bawak 4 beradik pergi Sunway Lagoon  and Sunway Pyramid. Hee sangat seronok, mula tu mama suruh bawak baju spear sebab kitorang nak pergi main ice skating je. Then sampai sana mama cari theme park pula then pergi Sunway Lagoon and mama pergi beli tiket 6 orang. 5 adult 1 child and we got in and played. Kitorang keluar pukul 6 lebih then pergi hantar baju basah dalam kereta and masuk Sunway Pyramid pula. Mula tu nak main ice skating but tak jadi semua dah letih main air then lapar kan, pergi makan The Chicken Rice Shop. 

After ate we found Surau and pray Maghrib and Is'ya. Daddy got in Machine store! Oh my..ipod over there, iPad over here, also iMac, macbook pro and air and iPhone 4s! Wow..feels like nak ambil je semua tu accept for the iPad. Daddy iPhone 4s satu! haha..mintak iPhone macam mintak ape je kan. But one day dapat la iPhone 4s tu! :) So adios readers.. 

Saturday, 24 December 2011


Hey dearest..

Sorry i didn't update blog.. Sudah mula start masuk college and had a busy week until new year and the January start balik. The whole january will be a busy month for me.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Ombak Rindu

Hey hey hey..

Today I'm watched Ombak Rindu with my mother, sis and uncle sue. I can't believe it that uncle sue watched that movie! Hehe..but he came and watched with us. This movie not bad to me but I didn't cried and my mom, she cried. Me, sis and uncle watched movie without feeling and laughing it. Haha..I don't know why we laughing it instead people crying. But whatever it is this movie are good and people has watched and gave good respond. And I didn't know that Mila so aggressive like that. Well never mind.. :)

Friday, 16 December 2011

Iphone 4S

Hey darling.. 

iPhone 4S already come out and already have in Malaysia! Oh my Apple.. :D I'm so excited when knew that iPhone 4S will come out and launch today, 16 Dec 2011 and can buy at Maxis, Digi and Celcom to grab your iPhone 4S! iPhone 4S awesome, cool, and and and oh my.. U have to buy and use this phone now! 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

2nd Movie

Hey dearest.. 

Oh darling darling sekalian..Watch that movie too. Yang ini pun kelakar jugak and romantic. I watch this movie on Astro First. So who have Astro in ur house watch  this movie too! And also can watch on youtube as well :)

This story about a couple who has married and have 3 child. 2 boys and 1 girl and couldn't take care of babies. So they asked for help from friends and families but a husband wanna hold, play, take a walk with babies but mother in law halang and give a lot of reason. So he think that he couldn't be a good father,  husband to his wife and babies. But wife , friends and families  give support that he is good husband and father.. :) 



People u should watch Catch Me I'm In Love movie. It's Philippine movie and it's awesome! Funny, romantic and so much more. I suggest when u in love or boring or whatever u watch this movie. So in love when i watched this movie. Awww.. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How it is??

Well hello there.. :)

So how are u guys? How ur day today? Well..hope all are fine. So how about my new template blogger? Nice it's? To me it's okay and nice. But i try to decorate this blogger but have to do it slowly. Before this already have blog so nicely but... sudan kena hack by someone. I don't know who is it. But never mind la this blog my new blog and someday this blog would seem nice than my old blog. :)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Hye.. :)

Alhamdulillah.. yesterday after woke up from bed took showered and then go down stairs and open the Mac and my heart beat so fat because yesterday is result day! Sooo nervous but i open it.. magical happen! Thank to Allah that i got a good result. My pointer above than 3.00 but whatever it's that far i can get and i appreciate it! and mama brought me to shopping! For college stuff anyway but thanx mama! 


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Under Construction


This blog is under construction and is messy right? I try find a nice and suitable templates for my blog. U all have suggestion where i can find templates blog? I found many and seem like doesn't has that suitable.But i'll try find it again. 

Friday, 2 December 2011


Hey peeps..

Alhamdullilah... Thank to Allah that i found what wrongs with blog front and everything. Pergi defat settings then check2 what wrongs and i found it! Alhamdulillah.. Suka sangat2 :)
Now I can post blog with color full and small and big front! 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Days At Home..

Hey... hey.. hey..

How are u guys? Is everything okay? Hope is fine and everything is okay.. So.. i'm already at home! So excited right?? I miss family and my bestie of course! It's been nice to been here and saw them but mama out station at Port Dickson for a week and tomorrow she will come home and i've to pick her up.

So... What should I do for a month?? Nursery babies? Or sell cupcakes? or just sit at home and hang round with family and friends.. Aww i don't know why to do actually like nothing to do.. But i think that i wanna go for a vacation and my aunt ask to join her go to USS that it Universal Studio Singapore.. I already been there last december and i don't know if mama wanna go again or not. But nak merasa pegi Trans Studio, Bandung tu. Look's like awesome, interesting, and can take photos! :) My mind now just to think about photography.. I wanna active my photography back and this my second job.. Study while do photographer job. :)

Today nothing much to do. Dad call and he said that someone want come to pasang astro untuk atas puny hall. Kat bawah dah ada and so just waiting while someone come. Just now the technical guy of refrigerator has come and he said after 1 hour can switch on it. So i've to wait it while update blog, twitting and watching television.

So.. I wanna out. bye :)


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Why My Blog Doesn't Have??

Hye peeps..

Why My Blog Does't Have??? Have what? Have color font,size font and font??? Tak best la macam ni. It's not interest anymore! :( Puas cari apa yang tak ken a and suddenly it disappear just like that! Oh my it be?? And how i can take it back? Nak font color2, size kecik bear and so on. Baru la menarik kan.


Friday, 4 November 2011

Coming Home Soon.. :)

Hye peeps!

I'm coming home..coming home tell the world that i'm coming home! Oh my..didn't believe that I'll coming home soon. Family and friends! waiting for me kay.. :) I don't know what to post actually :P Just think wanna go home! Wanna eat my mom cooks and many more..

Know what.. I'm bad mood right now because of my damn EX! That person suddenly sent message and mad because of one of my friend wanna help me take my pendrive. So what! Like i care la kan. Because she said okay when i asked help then i okay je la. Argh! Geram je rase. but never mind la. Like i care! Damn u..

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Story..

Hye peeps..

Tonight i wanna share something.. Last Sunday 10-23-2011 friends and i went to bought ticket for back Raya Haji next week after that Izzatul want to bought a new shoe and i decided to take walk around KTM Ipoh,Perak. So we take a walk but know what? We lost! And suddenly we arrived at I don't know what place that called it but i called it 'Pekan India' because it's a lot of stores for Indians and had an event there also had bazaar for Indians like at jalan TAR,Kuala Lumpur. Then we just walk until the main road to Ipoh Parade. So with my GPS phone we walk and walk and walk while sing a sang and I took nonsense photos :P

Then we saw a bag boutique and that's our pit stop for shopping. Izzatul bought bag and then we continue our journey. Sunday is not a busy day but for Saturday is a busy at Ipoh..but everyday around 18:30 until 22:00 i think the road will busy especially at Jusco and Ipoh Parade. For Chinese they will go for dinner start from 18:30 to 20:00. I think it's about 4 month I've been here but I already know the road schedule everyday. Hehe..but to memorize the road where to go i'm not expert it because don't have and I tak selalu kuar. Just sitting in the room do assignment, online, gossiping and many more.

Now it's 23:56 but my eyes didn't feel asleep and like don't want to sleep until my eyes feels heavy and want to sleep :) So.. what should we do tonight people? Wanna download songs don't have any songs to download. Wanna watch movie don't have mood. Haaa!! I know what to do..I wanna go to toilet! So peeps catch u all later kay. Night! Sweetdreamz! Have a nice sleep.. Bubye! :)

Saturday, 22 October 2011


It's been a month i didn't post anything at this blog's hard wanna active blog because i didn't have broadband yet next sem baru dapat and now baru sem 1 kan so have to wait la. Memang busy dekat sini and tonight i have dinner night and have to be a photographer. I really enjoy be a photographer even it's tired and penat nak mengedit gambar yang banyak. Nak buat macam mana kan that a photographer job have to do it la. Early morning tadi kitorang ada buat competition between blocks hostel and took a lot of pictures and dengan rasminya tonight have to be a photographer because of my camera yang lagi cun itu. So i take is my job but don't have to pay it and all photo can buat collections in my album. :)

Mama! I miss u alot.. and can't wait to back home after the next week and i got a house here and they said that maybe before my final exam that house already empty and i can move my things before i get back to home!m Huuuuraaaayyy! that's so awesome and don't have to bring my things too.. :) I balik with ETS or maybe mama and abah come to help move my things at hostel yang berlambak ni. But it's nice and enjoy stay at hoestel. It's safe and can walk from hostel to campus. It's near and it can make me more slimmer than i'm now.. :)

Okay la that's all from me..if i can post after dinner i'll post ey.. :)

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Hye guys..

It's been a long time didn't post anything at blog. Busy with my study right now and I already got the homesick. It's been 1 weeks and half my fever and cold didn't hilang langsung. Every night I'll mengigil like I didn't use blanket. One night my friends prasan yg sye tido smbil mengigil. Saya tak sedar langsung mse tu. Bil da bgn diorng ckp yg sye mengigil tme tido.But when see doctor nothing happen just regular fever i think. Maybe I'm tired class everyday non stop. Kelas pkul 8 pgi balik pkul 6. Memang la penat mcm nie. So...have to be strong!

It's been 1 month didn't back to hometown. Miss them so much! November nanti bru balik kwt rse nya. Miss sgt! Faiqah nk jmpe but i can't make it.. Sorry bestie..if i back we hangout okay. I always text or call her when I had time. Memang borak panjang la kitorng. Yela tak selalu jmpe kan..

Minggu nie tak ada buat apa-apa pun dekat asrama. Rasa nak balik but feels like cepat je bila balik rumah. Bila da balik rumah tak nak balik Ipoh da. Tapi apa kan daya kena balik juga kan. Kita sedang belajar so I tabah kan hati untuk tunggu bila ada cuti yang panjang untuk balik rumah!

So.....I'll be post again on this blog.. :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

It’s been long time that I didn’t post anything on this blog. Since I’ve been to POLITEKNIK UNGKU OMAR(PUO) there’s a lot of work, activities, and bad connection of wi-fi. So I can’t online for blogging. I felt so happy been here even I had cried because miss my mom and family but I ask myself to be independent daughter, girl and student. Since don’t know when I think that I always think a lot that can cause my cry and want to leave this study and study near with my house. But I think back I’ve already pay it and a lot of things that I already learn. Just left 2 months for the 1 semester. InsyaAllah everything is fine here. Just pray to Allah and take care or yourself.I also persuade myself not think to much and if I wanna go home, I can go home by train. :D

Before I forget SELAMAT MENYAMBUT BULAN RAMADAN. Just left one week for me to go home and ‘buka puasa’ with family and friends. I miss them so much! Every day I think them and when I can see them. InsyaAllah when I there I can see my friends before they back to hometown. This Saturday my family wanna come here if there anything la and ‘buka puasa’ together.
This year I puasa berjauhan bersama family already 2nd time. 1st when I form 2 and duduk asrama because of USAHAWAN terpaksa la duduk asrama. Mula tu ingat seronok but lama duduk nangis sebab teringat dekat mama and family. So since I got the letter for staying for next year I reject and cried. So childish! All my friends saw that but I buat tak tahu je. :D

Okay la. I’ve to go, a lot of things to do. InsyaALLAH before RAYA I post it okay! SELAMAT MENYAMBUT BULAN RAMADAN!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Hye peeps..

Why i'm so boring today. Online fb pun boring. So boooooooring la weyh! Bila la nk msk blajr nie. Aku rse mcm da xsba ag da nk msk poli uw. NK study. Aku rse otk aku nie nth2 berfungsi ag ke x. InsyaAllah berfungsi seperti biasa. N xlembap. Kene mkn kismis tiap2 ari mcm nie. Smnjak da xskola nie kn,aku da xmkn kismis da. Ada skali uw je aku mkn thn aku da xmkn da. Mls nk mkn,n xteringt pun. Bila aku nmpk org mkn bru la aku amk mkn. Tu pun kalu ad la kn.

Citer kt tv pun boring je. Aku duk uma nie membesarkn bdn je. Haiya.. Try nk kurus tp mcm xmnjdi plak. Aku mengadu la kt kwn aku,yg aku nie da gmkn. Dwng ckp nty aku bljr kurus la tu. Aku pun iya kan je la.

Semenjak buat blog baru nie kn aku da mls and jarang nk update ag da. Bila aku rajin skit nk updte,aku updte la. Argh! aku rse, aku nie tahap pemalas yg max da nie. Buat keje rumah pun skit2 je. Thn tdo je. Waaaa!! mmg la aku gemuk mcm nie. Alhamdulillah la solat aku pun xmalas ek :P cuma ad jgak la yg tertinggal. Hehe.. Xsngje :P

Ok la.. nk out.. bubye.. :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

To all women out there..

Amaran pd Kaum Hawa
Amaran pada Kaum Wanita dan kepada sumer kaum perempuan yang memandu, Kes ni betul2 menakutkan.

Kesah ini betul2 terjadi kat Penang
Ingat lagi tak dgn kes Ms Canny Ong yang dirogol dan dibunuh??

Kisah nya..ada seorang perempuan ni berhenti dekat stesen gas "pay-at-the-pump" untuk isi minyak..sebaik saja dia siap isi minyak tu dan nak beredar,seorang pekerja kat situ buat pngumuman yang kad kredit perempuan ni ada problem sikit..pekerja tu suruh perempuan ni masuk ke dalam untuk bayar..tapi perempuan ni confused la sebab transaksi menunjukkan yang pembayaran kad kredit dia diluluskan dan tak ada masaalah apa2 pun.. so perempuan tu bagitau la pekerja tu dan dia pun bersedia nak beredar ke kereta dia balik..tapi pekerja tu tetap bertegas dan suruh dia masuk dalam..perempuan tu pun decided untuk masuk ke dalam...sebaik aje dia masuk kat dalam..dia mula marah kat pekerja tu..

lalu pekerja tu suruh dia bertenang dan bagitau hal sebenarnya.. .nak tau apa?

sebenarnya masa perempuan tu dok isi minyak,pekerja tu nampak ada laki menyelinap kat belakang kereta perempuan tu dan pekerja tu dah pun telepon polis..

perempuan tu pun apalagi, takut la..dia pun try intai dan dia nampak pintu kereta dia terbuka dan lelaki tu keluar dari kereta dia..

Sekarang ni..ada laporan yg mengatakan yg sekang ni ada gang yang amik body part orang pompuan..salah satu cara diorang adalah dgn menyelinap masuk kereta ornag perempuan masa perempuan tu tengah pump gas atau beli barang kat kedai TGH2 MLAM!!

kemudian,dia orang akan potong kaki perempuan tu untuk memudahkan diorang culik dan bunuh perempuan tu..

satu cara lagi pulak,dia orang akan masuk kedalam kereta yg tak ada orang dan tak berkunci kemudian culik perempuan tu dan bunuh dia orang.
Semalam pun ada Crime Investigation di Astro menceritakan kes yg sama di Hong Kong . Tapi perlakunya adalah pemandu teksi yang mengambil penumpang perempuan selepas lepas tengan malam. Memang ngeri.

Sila panjangkan email ini pada sesiapa yg anda kenali.

Bagi kaum perempuan elakkan keluar bersaorangan diwaktu malam.

P/S: amalkanlah suratul kursi.. dan berdoalah dan meminta perlindungan dariNya.. insyaAllah.. perlindunganNya akan sntiasa pd hamba-hamba Nya yang meminta padaNya..

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Hye peeps..

Knp surat dri poli aku xdpt ag.. Rsau la.. Tiap2 hari aku tggu surat dri poli tp xdpt pun :( hrp2 org poli tu da dpt surat aku n da bka and esk insyallah smpai la kt umah. Ya allah.. :( insyallah aku dpt msk poli tu.

Aku bce kt forum lpsn spm kt fb rmai yg tnye psl surat nie n rmai jgak yg xdpt mula tu aku xrsau pun thn ble aku bka blek thn aku da mula rsau da.. Rmai jgak yg xdpt n rsau. Insyallah kami semua dpt la surat tu sblm jumaat nie. Dpt la aku buat preparation. :)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hye readers..


Lame jgak kn nk tggu bulan julai nie tp trse skjp je. Xsngke da besar aku ni kn da nk msk blajr da. Aku rse bru je aku msk skola rndh dlu drjah stu. Cpt btl! :( tp allah tlh cipt kn kita dan kita perlu meneruskan hidup. Tiada jalan utk berpatah balik. Insyallah akunakn berjaya dlm hidup.. Dan tabahkan hati ku ini utk meneruskn perjalanan ku yg msh pjg nie. Mama ckp aku bru nk start engine kereta tu. Lps nie pergi blajr jauh2 parents xde kt sblh kita. Ape2 keputusan kita yg tentukn. Dan kita perlu jge diri kita bila di luar sana nanti. :)

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hye guys..

So bored just sit at home watched tv,online and etc. My siblings are having bored summer holidays because we r doing nothing. Our parents work and just day off during weekends. So we just go out weekends only. Weekdays just membesarkn badan je. And2 me just only 3 weeks left to stay at home,duduk goyang kaki. Because 5th of july i'll going to politeknik at ipoh. So far from my home but i just accept it. Takut juga kan kita hidup di luar sana tanpa ibu bapa. Wow... That's a challenge for me. Humm... Insyallah i'll be success in my life and to all of u. :)

I feels like wanna go out but go where?? And feels like bored no parents with us when we go out. Just 4 of us. But nevemind la weekends maybe go out somewhere. :)

Thursday, 26 May 2011


Hye guys..

I got in politeknik! wuuuhuu!! Alhamdulillah.. i'm so excited coz i got in.. My parents also happy n all of my family.. :D 
I have to sign in 5th of July Politeknik Ungku Omar,Ipoh,Perak in course electrical engineering (communication).. Wow thts a cool course man! :D N2 i cant wait to learn about it.. But.... :( i also don't want to far away from my family,house,my bed :'(

But...... my friends said just go with it, That's a life and we had to face it even hard. And i said okay i'll. So.... POLITEKNIK UNGKU OMAR i'll come to u.. :D

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Start with my new blog

Hye guys..

Awww....i've to start with my new blog. Another one had been attckd by malware and i don't know how to prevent it. So sad.. da byk post da kt blog tu but trpkse la shut down or cancel blog uw and start with new blog.. ummmm.. never mind la. With this blog i'll touch up more colourful and nice.. :)