Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bicycle healthy and fun

Hai hai hai..

So my entry this is about bicycle! Wuhuu... Ride bicycle is fun and at the same time it exercie and can make my tache small! Wee.. So yesterday evening we that is my housemates took a ride and so quite far I think :) and then jalan2 dekat kawasan perumahan around my kawasan. And the pergi kedai beli ice cream! This week almost everyday, I ate ice cream :D aaahh... Love ice cream..

I also go campus by bicycle and friends said that I dah kurus! Wah.. Suka suka suka. Hajat tahun ni nak kurus mcm lidi. Hahaha....kidding kidding, kurus madam lidi tak lawa la. Sebab kurus sangat. So kurus tapi berisi :D

Haa.. Want tell something, me and housemates except Nad, she ride motorcycle. We go by bicycle and ramai2 la pergi campus and then most students attract to our bicycle and suddenly want to buy one. Like we bring the trend ride bicycle to campus. Haha..but it's fun actually and doesnt have to feel shy. It's our right and it depend to ourself right? So why have to shy?? It doesn't matter and lecturer didn't mad at all and tidak Ada dalam undang-undang pun yang mengatakan bawa basikal ke campus itu Ada lah salah. Tidak Ada eh... Bawak lori pergi campus pun tidak mengapa. Hahaha..tapi macam melampau sangat la kan.

We have a kokurikulum and lecturer Asked we what program should do in this semester, so we suggest to do riding bicycle around Ipoh but not the whole Ipoh la. Ipoh so wide and tak larat pun kan. Rasa macam nak jadi kan trend berbasikal balik la. Sebab tak de la kita obesity kan.. And can reduce our fat also. But should do ofteh not rarely..

So..that's sleepy and my stomach feels hungry and better I sleep than eat. :D night!


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