Friday, 27 January 2012

Uncle Sue Story Part 3

Good Evening!

This entry i wanna continue about my Uncle Sue. Last Monday Jan 23rd 2012, he warded at Kota Bharu Medical Center(KBMC) because of dengue. It's 6 days and when i visited him and i search about 'how to cure dengue' and i found it. It's said drink papaya juice and i said to all my uncles and aunts before they back to KL. When i called my bro and he said that uncle had drink it and just now i called, he already discharge. So amazing! and it's really2 cure the dengue. Before this his plalets down and now he already sihat! :)

Feb 3rd 2012 Friday he will marry with Mak Sue but night. But i can't make it so the next day la i go to Mak Sue house and sunday my house pulak. So i have to be his photographer full time job! I think uncle sue should give me some money :D

But now he at Kelantan with my bro. After he marry baru balik KL and continue his job but i don't know if Mak sue still stay at kelantan or not. Okay la thats all kut  i wanna story. After the wedding day i post eh. Aha...about the engagement day's photo i'll post later because want edit it :) Adios!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Uncle Sue

Hai guys..

I got hot story.. :D That it's uncle sue warded at KPJ! Because of denggi. Just for arrived yesterday from KL then terus masuk KPJ just want to checked up but doc warded him and then a few hour he got  out. And today doc warded again and don't know how many days.

And Uncle Sue just engaged! Wee.. but.......still can't investigate how Mak Sue is. hergh.. 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Back to Kelatan

Salam everyone.. :)

Today I'm gonna back to Kelantan because tomorrow Uncle Sue will engage! Wuhuuu... And gonna meet my new aunt, Mak Sue.. Hope she will be best mak sue ever! I'm still at Ipoh waiting for my parents to pick up and straight to Kelantan but now I'm alone! No one else in this home. My friends already back to their hometown. Waaaaaaaaa... :( humm...hope mama and daddy arrive before noon..

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Can't wait to go home!

Hey baby.. Hahaha...

Tomorrow is Friday everyone!! Yeah! It's time to go home.. Miss my family feels like a month didn't see them! But baru bape minggu kut. Haila haila.. Malas la update blog actually. Tadi dah semangat nk update blog but now.....haish..

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Hey guys..

I wanna ask.. How can I prevent sleeping in the class??? I always sleep in the class, after 15 minutes then I felt so sleepy even drink water, ate sweet or chewing gum even talked to my friends pun still felt sleepy. Haila...hail a.. And now I'm feel so sleepy. See!!

By flight or By Car

Hey hey hey.. :)

Okay now i'm in dilemma. Daddy said that he gonna give me the car to drive back Kelantan but I wanna go by flight. And mama asked me to go by bus. I'm scare! And phobia travel by bus u know and I don't like it. Better by flight :)

I hope that mama will let me and bestie go Kelantan by flight. Because everyone back earlier than me. This Maulidur Rasul and Thaipusam holiday. Uncle Sue gonna marry and this CNY he gonna engage. So readers! InsyaAllah I'll post the pictures okay! Hope I boleh naik flight nanti. Ami! :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Home :(


I got bad news.. I can't back to my home this Chinese New Year. So sad :( and that day Uncle Sue wanna engage and I can't watch it and2 there's no pictures for memories. Waaaa.. I hope that Allah can let me back to Nilai and can follow they back to hometown at Kelantan.

Saya nak balik..nak sangat balik. Nanti saya sorang2 dekat rumah just Faiqah yang temankan. and2 don't know what to do. Mama..ain nak balik. Nak balik.. :'(

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Kemas Rumah

Morning readers! How are you today? Well..I'm fine..

So.. Entry this time about kemas rumah! Yeah..saya baru sahaja kemas rumah yang agak berhabuk Dan juga setelah seminggu tidak mengemaskan rumah ni. So..we decided to cleaned the whole house. And it's clean! Wah..sangat bersih :)

So..after that maklong datang hantar barang mama but she didn't comein because nak beli barang untuk anak dia yang Akan masuk ke Kolej Vokasional. Tinggal la maklong sorang2 dekat rumah nanti. :D

Kitorang kemas rumah tak bagi2 tugas pun, masing2 tolong menolong. So..agak cepat la kemas rumah. Pu3 and izzatul kemas dekat luar and dalam, Ida tolong mop lantai, aisyah kemas dapur, dila and me kemas bilk dekat atas and senah jemur kain. So it's done and good jod to ours :D


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bicycle healthy and fun

Hai hai hai..

So my entry this is about bicycle! Wuhuu... Ride bicycle is fun and at the same time it exercie and can make my tache small! Wee.. So yesterday evening we that is my housemates took a ride and so quite far I think :) and then jalan2 dekat kawasan perumahan around my kawasan. And the pergi kedai beli ice cream! This week almost everyday, I ate ice cream :D aaahh... Love ice cream..

I also go campus by bicycle and friends said that I dah kurus! Wah.. Suka suka suka. Hajat tahun ni nak kurus mcm lidi. Hahaha....kidding kidding, kurus madam lidi tak lawa la. Sebab kurus sangat. So kurus tapi berisi :D

Haa.. Want tell something, me and housemates except Nad, she ride motorcycle. We go by bicycle and ramai2 la pergi campus and then most students attract to our bicycle and suddenly want to buy one. Like we bring the trend ride bicycle to campus. Haha..but it's fun actually and doesnt have to feel shy. It's our right and it depend to ourself right? So why have to shy?? It doesn't matter and lecturer didn't mad at all and tidak Ada dalam undang-undang pun yang mengatakan bawa basikal ke campus itu Ada lah salah. Tidak Ada eh... Bawak lori pergi campus pun tidak mengapa. Hahaha..tapi macam melampau sangat la kan.

We have a kokurikulum and lecturer Asked we what program should do in this semester, so we suggest to do riding bicycle around Ipoh but not the whole Ipoh la. Ipoh so wide and tak larat pun kan. Rasa macam nak jadi kan trend berbasikal balik la. Sebab tak de la kita obesity kan.. And can reduce our fat also. But should do ofteh not rarely..

So..that's sleepy and my stomach feels hungry and better I sleep than eat. :D night!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Uncle Sue Story Part 2

Hey readers..

How are u? I'm fine thank you. Hee soo today I wanna continue with uncle sue story in part 2..
The story begin..... Okay I wanna tell u something, he wanna engage this Chinese New Year! It's good news right? Hee..well this CNY I'm gonna back to Kelantan where he engage. So I'm gonna be his photographer :)

So.. He has show us who she is! Well.. She isn't bad at all, cute, wear scarf, still shy and we will call her "mak sue". Awww uncle sue already has mak sue. It's still weird u know. I usually just call uncle sue, then when he gonna marry in this year then we have to call another sue.. But...never mind hope he will be happier until die :)

Uncle Sue still be the "selekeh guy" even he gonna marry and lazy! But he will upgrade himself after marry. He always going out, tak suka duduk rumah and Ada dekat rumah iPad mesti dekat tangan dia. He has myvi car and love to drive his car so much! So wherever I go and he has at home, I will use it. Ngee and he lend me to drive it. And when he sick and went to klinik, I will sent him to klinik. Haha..that day I will be his driver.

Haa... Hope the next next Saturday I want to drive his car back to Kelantan :)
I don't know what to story about it.. So..wait this CNY eh! :D

Monday, 2 January 2012

Uncle Sue Story part 1

Hai everyone..

Well my post this time about my Uncle Sue. His name Wan Hafizullah Bin Ab Wahab. He 28 i think :D but he leave with us. Start from he in high school, graduate and work until he decided wanna marry someone i don't know, mama and daddy don't know even the whole family don't know who is she is. He work at Gas Malaysia and he kind with us. Love children and got many girlfriends before this :D Hehe..  He also kind of heart with money :D When Raya he will gave us 'duit raya' a lot! Also love about gadgets but he live in ordinary even has more money. Know what work with Gas Malaysia has a lot of work, risk and risk. So every 3 month i think, he got bonus! Wow.. But the money he save or gave to mama or gave to his brother uncle mat to save the money for him. For wedding! And then he quit hang out with his friends and cam home late night sometimes he didn't come home for a week, few days. And i like to borrow his car :D and he don't mind it. 

Oh! i almost forget it, he the youngest in mama's siblings. Had 7 siblings, 2 sister 5 brothers. He also had 15 nieces and nephews. I'm the eldest. So what else eh i wanna tell.... heeemmmm let me think........ well.. i will continue in part 2 :) 

Stay tune..