Friday, 6 January 2012

Uncle Sue Story Part 2

Hey readers..

How are u? I'm fine thank you. Hee soo today I wanna continue with uncle sue story in part 2..
The story begin..... Okay I wanna tell u something, he wanna engage this Chinese New Year! It's good news right? Hee..well this CNY I'm gonna back to Kelantan where he engage. So I'm gonna be his photographer :)

So.. He has show us who she is! Well.. She isn't bad at all, cute, wear scarf, still shy and we will call her "mak sue". Awww uncle sue already has mak sue. It's still weird u know. I usually just call uncle sue, then when he gonna marry in this year then we have to call another sue.. But...never mind hope he will be happier until die :)

Uncle Sue still be the "selekeh guy" even he gonna marry and lazy! But he will upgrade himself after marry. He always going out, tak suka duduk rumah and Ada dekat rumah iPad mesti dekat tangan dia. He has myvi car and love to drive his car so much! So wherever I go and he has at home, I will use it. Ngee and he lend me to drive it. And when he sick and went to klinik, I will sent him to klinik. Haha..that day I will be his driver.

Haa... Hope the next next Saturday I want to drive his car back to Kelantan :)
I don't know what to story about it.. So..wait this CNY eh! :D


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