Friday, 10 February 2012

Vanilla Coklat


Okay now this second drama Vanilla Coklat! So best! 5 stars!!! Aww.... so sweet la diorang tu. Sangat jealous! Izara Aisyah with Aiman Hakim in that story their name Zara Aisyah and Amir.. When i watch that drama waaa i can't stand it feels like.. oh my.............. okay stop next week must watch it! until the end of episode.. 

Gemersik Kalbu


Aha.. entry this time about 'Gemersik Kalbu'! Yea... It's about novel by Anis Ayuni. It's been a long ago i read this novel and didn't remember at all and then i heard that it wanna come out with Drama and it's come out! Wuhuu.. so best but the ending really like that eh??? Well never mind la. But best! 5 stars :)