Saturday, 17 March 2012

When A Person....


This entry i wanna post about one of my friend 'terasa' with me because i advice her something that she do badly and then after that terus bermasam muka. Okay fine, after this i will not tegur u anymore. It's that what u want right. I tegur and as friend memang patut pun tegur. And maybe u terasa sebab the way i tegur u kasar kan. And it's me and don't know how to fix it and when with friends i always talk like that. Well nevermind la, do whatever u want and i don't care anymore. Just once i talk then up to la kan.

Siapa yang tak marah, rasa sakit hati when we talk with someone then he/she didn't respond it. Fine! From now starting this time 22:05 i don't care what u wanna do! Kejut solat subuh, aku suruh ida je yang kejut.


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