Monday, 12 March 2012

1 month


It's been 1 month i didn't post anything on this blog. Wah.....miss u blog! I've soooo many hot story to tell.. 

1- My mom wanna go to Guangzhao!'s tomorrow :( with my brother! waaaa...mummy i wanna go to .. But......i have class and and and.. waaaaa... :'( Mummy i wanna bags, alot of bags, shoes, shirts and may more! :'(

2- Shoot video.. U know what, i only have 2 days only. No no no no just 1 day to shoot and edit video. What the **** man! Haih.. ni yang tak best bila satu group dengan perempuan. All girls don't have boys. So waaaay tak best.

3- Ate burger. Yea! Tonight ate burger -.- it's already 21:11 and i still ate burger! OMgeeeeee i memang cari nahas la kan. My mission want kurus but.... hergh..

Okay..i'm not in the mood right now.

p/s : mt stomach hurt like sick had ulser in my stomach  


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