Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hye guys..

So bored just sit at home watched tv,online and etc. My siblings are having bored summer holidays because we r doing nothing. Our parents work and just day off during weekends. So we just go out weekends only. Weekdays just membesarkn badan je. And2 me just only 3 weeks left to stay at home,duduk goyang kaki. Because 5th of july i'll going to politeknik at ipoh. So far from my home but i just accept it. Takut juga kan kita hidup di luar sana tanpa ibu bapa. Wow... That's a challenge for me. Humm... Insyallah i'll be success in my life and to all of u. :)

I feels like wanna go out but go where?? And feels like bored no parents with us when we go out. Just 4 of us. But nevemind la weekends maybe go out somewhere. :)

Thursday, 26 May 2011


Hye guys..

I got in politeknik! wuuuhuu!! Alhamdulillah.. i'm so excited coz i got in.. My parents also happy n all of my family.. :D 
I have to sign in 5th of July Politeknik Ungku Omar,Ipoh,Perak in course electrical engineering (communication).. Wow thts a cool course man! :D N2 i cant wait to learn about it.. But.... :( i also don't want to far away from my family,house,my bed :'(

But...... my friends said just go with it, That's a life and we had to face it even hard. And i said okay i'll. So.... POLITEKNIK UNGKU OMAR i'll come to u.. :D

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Start with my new blog

Hye guys..

Awww....i've to start with my new blog. Another one had been attckd by malware and i don't know how to prevent it. So sad.. da byk post da kt blog tu but trpkse la shut down or cancel blog uw and start with new blog.. ummmm.. never mind la. With this blog i'll touch up more colourful and nice.. :)