Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hye guys..

So bored just sit at home watched tv,online and etc. My siblings are having bored summer holidays because we r doing nothing. Our parents work and just day off during weekends. So we just go out weekends only. Weekdays just membesarkn badan je. And2 me just only 3 weeks left to stay at home,duduk goyang kaki. Because 5th of july i'll going to politeknik at ipoh. So far from my home but i just accept it. Takut juga kan kita hidup di luar sana tanpa ibu bapa. Wow... That's a challenge for me. Humm... Insyallah i'll be success in my life and to all of u. :)

I feels like wanna go out but go where?? And feels like bored no parents with us when we go out. Just 4 of us. But nevemind la weekends maybe go out somewhere. :)


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