Saturday, 22 October 2011


It's been a month i didn't post anything at this blog's hard wanna active blog because i didn't have broadband yet next sem baru dapat and now baru sem 1 kan so have to wait la. Memang busy dekat sini and tonight i have dinner night and have to be a photographer. I really enjoy be a photographer even it's tired and penat nak mengedit gambar yang banyak. Nak buat macam mana kan that a photographer job have to do it la. Early morning tadi kitorang ada buat competition between blocks hostel and took a lot of pictures and dengan rasminya tonight have to be a photographer because of my camera yang lagi cun itu. So i take is my job but don't have to pay it and all photo can buat collections in my album. :)

Mama! I miss u alot.. and can't wait to back home after the next week and i got a house here and they said that maybe before my final exam that house already empty and i can move my things before i get back to home!m Huuuuraaaayyy! that's so awesome and don't have to bring my things too.. :) I balik with ETS or maybe mama and abah come to help move my things at hostel yang berlambak ni. But it's nice and enjoy stay at hoestel. It's safe and can walk from hostel to campus. It's near and it can make me more slimmer than i'm now.. :)

Okay la that's all from me..if i can post after dinner i'll post ey.. :)


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