Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Phone


Its been 2 months i think didn't post something on this blog. Is quite lazy and busy and soooo way lazy to write. Idea?? Have idea but my hand didn't want to type for blog but more to twitter :D hehe.. Well..from now on i'll try to post whatever on this blog. 

Baru baru ni my bro got a new phone from daddy as birthday present that is Samsung Galaxy s3! waaaaaaahhhhhhh I'm soooo jealous to him. :((( Hmmm.... want new phone too but i'll try to collect my money to buy my own dream phone! He want the blue one but theres no stock, only have the white one. But he's never mind and take it as new phone. Hmmmm.... his rezeki.. 

InsyaAllah one day i'll change my phone to iPhone! Amin~

That phone so amazing and i like to touch home screen before we unlock it. Its like a raining drop and has a cute sound. dad buy this phone without contract and expensive than galaxy note. My mom using galaxy note also my favourite phone! And she's got a white one too. 


My mom got it first than a few weeks than my brother got it one. Well.. i want iPhone 4s white one too! Hee.. Before this always using the black one so want some new colour buy the white one. Its gorgeous! 



Happy fasting to all muslim out there in Ramadan! Im happy that Ramadan already arrived.. excited. Well..this year for the 3rd year I'm fasting far away from my family. Im at ipoh, perak studying in PUO. So sad that Ramadan not around family but with my friends. independent! 

Well.. Already 9th of Ramadan but there's person who listen to Raya's song. Is quite not respect month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a 'Mulia' month. Semua syaitan2 telah di ikat oleh Allah. So berbuat baik lag sebanyak banyak2 yang mungkin. 

Ramadan Ramadan Ramadan..

Happy fasting! Puasa penuh ye :)