Thursday, 24 November 2011

Days At Home..

Hey... hey.. hey..

How are u guys? Is everything okay? Hope is fine and everything is okay.. So.. i'm already at home! So excited right?? I miss family and my bestie of course! It's been nice to been here and saw them but mama out station at Port Dickson for a week and tomorrow she will come home and i've to pick her up.

So... What should I do for a month?? Nursery babies? Or sell cupcakes? or just sit at home and hang round with family and friends.. Aww i don't know why to do actually like nothing to do.. But i think that i wanna go for a vacation and my aunt ask to join her go to USS that it Universal Studio Singapore.. I already been there last december and i don't know if mama wanna go again or not. But nak merasa pegi Trans Studio, Bandung tu. Look's like awesome, interesting, and can take photos! :) My mind now just to think about photography.. I wanna active my photography back and this my second job.. Study while do photographer job. :)

Today nothing much to do. Dad call and he said that someone want come to pasang astro untuk atas puny hall. Kat bawah dah ada and so just waiting while someone come. Just now the technical guy of refrigerator has come and he said after 1 hour can switch on it. So i've to wait it while update blog, twitting and watching television.

So.. I wanna out. bye :)


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Why My Blog Doesn't Have??

Hye peeps..

Why My Blog Does't Have??? Have what? Have color font,size font and font??? Tak best la macam ni. It's not interest anymore! :( Puas cari apa yang tak ken a and suddenly it disappear just like that! Oh my it be?? And how i can take it back? Nak font color2, size kecik bear and so on. Baru la menarik kan.


Friday, 4 November 2011

Coming Home Soon.. :)

Hye peeps!

I'm coming home..coming home tell the world that i'm coming home! Oh my..didn't believe that I'll coming home soon. Family and friends! waiting for me kay.. :) I don't know what to post actually :P Just think wanna go home! Wanna eat my mom cooks and many more..

Know what.. I'm bad mood right now because of my damn EX! That person suddenly sent message and mad because of one of my friend wanna help me take my pendrive. So what! Like i care la kan. Because she said okay when i asked help then i okay je la. Argh! Geram je rase. but never mind la. Like i care! Damn u..